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12/22/12 05:47 pm - kkornelia - Updated link

New Gallery Link: go to >>

(I don't update the old(imageshack) link/gallery anymore.


3/12/12 08:02 pm - kkornelia - More RIX Yzak x Fllay doujinshi for sell

Circle/Artist: RIX

13. The Elder Brother is an Alarmist [B5, 40p] Auel x Stellar, Sting - $16 SOLD
14. Children of Loneliness [B5, 44p] Auel x Stellar; M - $16
15. Saku Hana no [B5, 38p] Seed cast - $10
16. Aniceto [B5, 26p] Athrun, Yzak, Dearka, Nicol - $10
17. Non Stop!! [B5, 34p] Dominion crew - $10
18. Exchange [B5, 40p] Yzak x Fllay; M - $10 SOLD
19. Schwarz Flugel [B5, 46p] Athrun, Yzak, Dearka, Nicol - $10
20. Kissing to Heaven [B5, 40p] Yzak x Fllay; M - $16 SOLD
21. Only if [B5, 110p] Yzak x Fllay; M - $16 SOLD
22. Red Maid [B5, 24p] - Yzak x Fllay - $8 SOLD
23. Love Game [B5, 32p] - Yzak x Fllay; M - $16 SOLD

See: http://kkornelia.livejournal.com/tag/doujinshi

11/23/11 12:23 pm - whitelilies22

Hello all! My love for Fllay & Yzak has been spiked recently and I have a new community banner - check it out on the community information page :) If anyone has anything they'd like to be put on the page, since it's so empty, drop a comment or two and I'll stick it on there.

9/20/11 06:01 pm - kkornelia

Seriously, I don't understand how I'm still so YzakxFllay crazy after all these year. O_O

5/18/11 05:58 pm - aweofshe - selling Yzak x Fllay doujinshi by RIX

Hello everyone! Trying to thin my collection out a bit so I have a few Yzak/Fllay doujinshi to sell. $12 each so they're pretty cheap. ^-^ Visit my journal for more information, thanks~

Available Titles:
1. Rondo by RIX $14 NEW
2. Fllay by RIX $12 NEW
3. SPA by RIX $14 NEW
4. Waltz by RIX $15 NEW
5. 1K by RIX $12 SOLD
6. Raspberry Dream by RIX $12 SOLD
7. Maid Red: TFS by RIX $12 SOLD
8. Engagement Parallel... by RIX $12 SOLD

Rey x Lunamaria, Mwu x Murrue
1. My Precious Darling! $26 NEW

Azrael x Natarle
1. a blue sigh by RIX $12


4/3/11 08:59 pm - kkornelia - Pretty things :D

I don't own one. ' saw this item for sale ages ago, but never bought it.

I'm just sharing that it exists.
Can't help but admit that the art is drool worthy. <3

yzak fllay fan

1/21/11 12:09 am - kkornelia - YzakxFllay Gallery

I just thought it's pretty sad that the only Yzak x Fllay community doesn't have much information on YxF. (Not to mention the page has also fallen inactive for several years now,) so I'm posting up a few stuff for the future fans.

these fan arts were found on the internet. not mine.)

Sharing the love, hopes, and dreams.

??? (unknown artists)

RIX (the official website may be down for good)

4/13/07 11:39 pm - whitelilies22 - [Mod] Looking for a graphics expert...

Hey everyone :D As the subject implies, we're looking for someone who would like to volunteer their graphic skills for this community as a moderator. Please let me know if you're willing to help out ^_^

3/20/07 12:10 am - annwyd - Yzak/Fllay: 11 Themes

While browsing through Gundam SEED fanart, I came upon a page with "odai," or themes, for the Yzak/Fllay pairing.
Themes and extremely rough translation under the cutCollapse )
It'd be really cool if someone who actually knows Japanese (i.e. not me) wanted to take a shot at translating the themes. Maybe there could be a mini-contest to do fanart or fanfiction based on them?

For the record, the page on which I found them is here.

12/10/06 09:24 pm - whitelilies22 - Yzak/Fllay?

I'm glad to see awctivity here and thank you all for keeping this community alive.

Even though Yzak and Fllay barely spoke five words to each other, it seems to be a pairing that's gained support. As the subject line hints, what had think of Yzak/Fllay and support it?
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